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This website doesn't look right to me, is there anything I can do?
This website loads very slow.
I have AOL.
What are Frames?
I tried clicking on a link but nothing happened.
I would like to suggest a link for your Links page.
I don't see the problem I'm having listed here.

This website doesn't look right to me, is there anything I can do?
With all the constant changes taking place with Internet technology today it is sometimes difficult to create a website that looks the same in all web browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL, etc). This area of the St. Christine's website is intended to help you to get the have possible experience while visiting this website. If this website looks ok on your computer, not distorted or cramped in anyway, your system is probably set up properly. If the pages on this site don't look quite right to you, trying some of the following tips might help.

Screen Resolution

  • The screen resolution that most web pages are created for is *800 x 600 pixels per inch. If your screen resolution is at this setting you will be able to view these webpages the way they were intended. If your screen resolution is set at *1024 x 768 the pages will still look ok just more spread out. Any resolution above or below these mentioned here are not recommended for this site.

    * If you would like to find out how to check and set your screen resolution click here.


  • Many of the newer web browsers have a sidebar on the left hand side. This side bar usually contains your Favorite websites or quick links to other helpful information like news or search engines. They also decrease the amount of room needed to view a web page properly. The St. Christine's website will not display properly if your side bar is open. To close your sidebar try the following:

    • (Internet Explorer) Click the X in the top right hand corner of the side bar (not the top right hand corner of the whole screen). You can click the Favorites button later on when you want it back.

    • (Netscape 6.x) On the main menu at the top of the screen click View and see if there is a check next to the word Sidebar. If there is, click the check mark and the sidebar will disappear until you check it again.

This website loads very slowly.
This website was created to give visitors the look and feel of the church. In order to do that a number of quality graphics needed to be used which tend to load a little slower. If you connect to the Internet with a dial up connection it may take a little longer for this site to load the first time you visit. Most internet software will remember the images you download and keep them in what they call a "cache" file so that the next time you visit the website the pages will load faster. If this website loads slowly everytime you visit it may be because of one or more of the following reasons:

  • If you clean out your cache file or your internet settings are set to do it automatically, this may cause the site to load slowly every time.
  • If you have an old computer your processor might take longer or you may need to increase your memory.
  • A bad telephone connection can decrease the download speed through your modem. You may have a 56k modem (the fastest download speed through a dial up modem) but because of noise, etc. on your telephone line you could be getting as little as 28k and that can make a huge difference. Talk to your telephone company, they may be able to help.

The best way to increase your Internet speed is to upgrade your service to Cable Internet or DSL. It is a little expensive ($40-$50/mo) but if you use the internet often it is well worth the money. If you only use the web once in a while and it's always slow then there may be nothing you can do without first getting some type of system upgrade.

AOL Users
If you have AOL (which unfortunately many of you do) the only advise I can give you is to switch to a new company (as you can see I am not a fan of AOL by any means). AOL uses image compression which allows web pages to load more quickly but by doing that it makes many of the graphics on websites look washed out and blurry. If you've been using AOL for a while you're probably used to it by now and don't even realize that there is a whole world of vibrant color out there that your missing. If you would like to find out how to turn of image compression in AOL Click Here.

What are Frames?
This website was created using frames. That means that most of the pages of this site are made up of 3 separate pages that are displayed in 3 different frames, a left frame, a middle frame and a right frame. When you click a menu item in the left frame the resulting page shows up in the middle frame. Most of the newer web browsers support frames, however if yours does not you can view the content of the pages by clicking the page links below. These pages won't look the same as they do in frames but you'll be able to read and print the information. The only way around this is to upgrade you web browser software or purchase a newer computer.

I tried clicking on a link but nothing happened.
If you clicked on a link (underlined in blue) and no page or the wrong page came up please email the Webmaster with the name of the link that didn't work (what is/are the word(s) in blue).

I would like to suggest a link for your Links page.
If you would like to suggest a link for our Links page, email your suggestion to the Webmaster. All suggestions will be reviewed by Fr. Henry before being added to the site.

I don't see the problem I'm having listed here.
If you are having other problems viewing this website or something doesn't work you can contact the Webmaster. Please explain the problem with as much detail as you can. If possible, a solution will be emailed to you or the problem fixed.

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