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(Updated 5/19/2018)

Regular  Mass Schedule

St. Christine's
Weekdays: 9:00 AM
Saturday: 5:00 PM
Sunday: 7:00, 9:00 & 11:30 AM

Wednesdays During Lent 6:30 - 8:00 PM
Saturday 4 to 4:45 PM (church)

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Please help our parish by collecting your clean papers, newspapers, catalogs, old mail, fliers, envelopes and other paper items. Deposit your papers in the recycling bin in the parking lot and help us to save the environment while supporting your parish.

* Mass Time Change *

Next weekend, May 27th, the
11:30am Mass changes to 11:00am
for the summer months.

St. Christine’s Grand Annual Collection

Goal:    $100,000
Total Received:    $37,870

Thank you for your generosity and support of our parish.

Please Consider Using St. Christine's Secure and Convenient Online Giving or Online Giving's Quick Give Programs

You can support Saint Christine’s Parish on a regular basis by signing up for Online Giving. By giving your weekly contribution on a recurring electronic basis, you help our parish more accurately forecast our finances. This method is a safe, secure and dependable means of giving for you and our parish and it is more convenient for you. Learn more about setting up an Online Giving account.

Not quite ready to create an account but would like to support the parish? Consider using "Quick Give" to make a one time online gift/donation using your credit card. Learn more about Quick Give.


May is a month dedicated to Mary, our
Blessed Mother. You are invited to join our parishioners as they pray the Rosary every day Monday through Friday before the  9:00 am Mass.

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Your Grand Annual envelopes may be placed in the collections baskets or mailed directly to the rectory throughout the year. Funds from this collection help to pay our weekly bills. Each family is asked to contribute $350. However, what one gives is your choice and no one should give beyond their means. If you did not receive an envelope in the mail, you will find envelopes on the ushers’ tables. Thank you for your generosity and support of our parish family. -
God bless you. Father Tom

Father Tom Walsh is still recuperating from his surgery. The Farewell Reception for Father Tom has been postponed and it will be rescheduled at a later date

Last Weekend's Offertory Collection
Budgeted Goal: $9,800
Received: $5,976
Online Giving: $2,740
Total: $8,716

This weekend there will be a second collection for the
support and training of the Seminarians in the Archdiocese
of Boston on their journey to ordination to the priesthood.
Your support is greatly appreciated.

 ~ Thanks to all our Online Giving subscribers. ~
~ Please Consider our Online Giving Program ~


Confirmation 2018
We congratulate the following 120 young adults who received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Joseph Adams, Dylan Ahearn, Camryn Albert, Gianna Almeder, John Almeder, Ashley Ames, Kyle Andrew, Lana Bakula, Nicole Bergeron, Connor Bouressa, Kerrin Bouressa, Thomas Boyd, Jr., Shane Brait, Sean Brazel, Tristan Buckell, Benjamin Burch, Max Burum, Brendan Byrne, Jessica Caldwell, Jessi Calos, John Paul Cavallo, Molly Cleveland, Sophia Coggeshall, Stephen Conn, Emma Connolly, Tobias Crawford, Cole Cronin, Andrew Cullen, Robert Curtin, Megan Desmond, Taryn Dineen, Mary Dion, Jack DiPasquale, Eliaah Duarte, Aidan Durkin, Abigail Farmer, Griffin Fitzgerald, Michael Foohey, Molly Friday, Emma Rose Gagne, Emerson Garneau, William Graves, Courtney Ann Grissman, Colin Haddigan, Max Heberlein, Aiden Hughes, Samantha Jean, Jonathan Jordan, James Joseph, Katherine Keady, Claire Keane, Dana Kenneally, Katherine Kenny, Elizabeth Keyes, Thomas Ladka, Timothy Ladka, Troy Ladka, Catherine Lamond, John Langrill, Anne Terese Larkin, Victoria Lauria, Edward Leahy, Kaela Leary, Benjamin LeBrun, Jacob Leoffler, Rose Marie Leonard, Jake Lesperance, Sean Loughlin, Andrew MacDonald, Sophia Mamet, William ManKavech, Paige Manning, Sophia Marcolini, Michael Marini, David Mayhew, Brendan McCarthy, Katherine McDonnell, Peter McDougall, Kelsey McKenna, Lilli NcNiece, Kathryn McNeil, James Meehan, Stephen Merrick, Kevin Moriarty, Matthew Mullaney, Jake Murphy, Megan Murphy, Rachel Murphy, Ellen Nerger, Daniel Nizolek, Emmett O’Gara, Amelia Parsons, Bridget Parson, Meaghan Parsons, Ian Peck, Maria Peddell, Nico Pellegrini, Logan Perry, Jack Pesko, David Peterson, Justin Petrillo, Jacqueline Picard, Julia Pitts, Caroline Pozerski, Sean Reid, Samuel Reisman, Colin Riordan, Haley Roberts, Madeline Robinson, Patrick Roche, Tia Rusk, Sarah Ryan, Patrick Stanton, Grace Stephen, Nick Stephen, Caroline Stevenson, Daniel Sullivan, Caileigh Sullivan, Erin Sweeney, Cameron Tedford, Connor Tiernan, Erin Tilden, Abigail Trodden, Elizabeth Viola, Abigail White.

Catechists: Please return your teacher manual and evaluation forms to the Religious Education Office as soon as possible. We are in the process of ordering new books for the 2018/2019 school year and we need an accurate count of the number of books needed. Thank you for your cooperation.

Baccalaureate Mass - May 27th at 9:00 am
We congratulate all of our young adults who are graduating from High School this year. All graduating seniors and their families are cordially invited to attend Saint Christine’s Baccalaureate Mass at 9:00 am on Sunday, May 28th. Scholarships will be awarded at the Mass. Families are also invited to attend a reception in the parish hall following the Mass.

Click on the Weekly Bulletin link above to read all CCD Announcements.

On Sunday, June 10th the ladies of the parish are invited to attend the 11:00 Mass followed by a luncheon in the parish hall. All ladies are invited and no tickets or membership are needed. Hats and pearls are welcome and, if you wish, you can bring your favorite tea cup. Extra cups are available. Maryann McLaughlin will give a presentation on the “Women of Faith 2018” following lunch. The CWT Scholarship winner will be honored and presented with a shawl from the Prayer Shawl ladies. There will be a free will offering at the door. Come and celebrate the 14th annual Catholic Women Today Mass, luncheon and presentation in Faith, Charity and Friendship.

Welcome are donations of spring and summer clothing for men, women and children in all sizes in next-to-new condition as well as personal care products such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap deodorant, body gels and lotions, shampoo and conditioner. Located at the corner of Rt. 139 and School Street, the Clothing Bank is open on Thursday and Saturday mornings from 10 am to 12 noon to receive donations and to distribute clothing. Thanks for your help.

Altar Servers: Your new schedule is now available in the sacristy and on-line. A new list of Altar Servers names and phone numbers is also available in the sacristy.

VOCATIONS : We pray that through the power of the Holy Spirit that God will fill those He calls with the courage and faith to respond to a life of service.

REFLECTION: How often do you call upon the Holy Spirit to guide you?

BULLETIN: We sincerely thank all of our advertisers who have placed ads in our bulletin. Please support the businesses that advertise in our parish bulletin as their ads help to defray the cost of the bulletin.

Two local parishes will have Vacation Bible School this summer and your children are invited to attend them.

Holy Family Parish in Duxbury - Ages 4 thru Grade 4
June 25th - June 29th 9:00 am - 12 noon
Register at the Faith Formation Office at 781-934-5055.

Saint Ann’s by the Sea Parish
July 7th - July 20th 9:00 am - 11:30 am
Register by calling 781-834-4953.

Saint Christine’s now has a Facebook page. We will use the Face Book page to post parish news, events, CCD cancellations, photos and more but we need your help. Visit www.facebook.com/stchristinesmarshfield and “LIKE” our page to help spread the word. We’re new to Facebook so please bear with us as we get up to speed with social media. You can also link to our Facebook page whereever you see the Facebook logo on our site.

Read the Complete Bulletin for all Parish News


Please exercise extreme caution in our church parking lot while dropping off and picking up children from classes. Please drive slowly in the parking lot and refrain from using cell phones. Children move quickly and your full attention is needed.

REMINDER: The Marshfield Fire Department has requested that our parishioners refrain from parking in front of the church as it prevents their access in times of emergency.

Please check your schedules to see if/when you are assigned. If you unable to serve your assigned Mass, it is important that you call a substitute to serve for you.

If classes are cancelled due to weather, notification will be available on Channels 5, and 7. Please tune into these stations or log onto their websites. Additionally, cancellations will be announced on WATD radio (95.9). Please note that if Marshfield Schools are closed, Saint Christine’s CCD classes are also cancelled.

All children in Grades 1 through 3 must have a parent or another adult accompany them to and from class each week. Parents must sign children out before they are released from their class.

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