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(Updated 8/2/2019)

Regular Mass Schedule

St. Christine's
Weekdays: 9:00 AM
Saturday: 5:00 PM
*Sunday: 7:00 & 11:00 AM

* No 9 AM Mass for July and August

Saturday 4 to 4:45 PM (church)

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Church Air Conditioning:

Now that the warmer weather has arrived, we will be using the air conditioning at Saint Christine’s Church. Just wanted to let you know in case you wish to bring a sweater if the cooler air bothers you.



St Christine's
Saturday: 5:00 pm
Sunday: 7:00 am and 11:00 am
There will be no 9:00 am Mass on Sundays at Saint Christine’s during July & August.

St. Thresesa's Chapel - June 30th
Masses celebrated at 8:30 and 10:00 am.



We extend a warm welcome to all those who are joining us for worship during the summer months. We wish all of our parishioners and visitors a very enjoyable, safe and pleasant summer.

Please Consider Using St. Christine's Secure and Convenient Online Giving or Online Giving's Quick Give Programs

You can support Saint Christine’s Parish on a regular basis by signing up for Online Giving. By giving your weekly contribution on a recurring electronic basis, you help our parish more accurately forecast our finances. This method is a safe, secure and dependable means of giving for you and our parish and it is more convenient for you. Learn more about setting up an Online Giving account.

Not quite ready to create an account but would like to support the parish? Consider using "Quick Give" to make a one time online gift/donation using your credit card. Learn more about Quick Give.


St. Christine's Parish Library

Saint Christine’s Parish Library is located in the foyer of the church and has many religious books available for children and adults. You are invited to borrow some books to read for your pleasure.

~ Highlighted Parish News ~
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A Few Words from Father Steve

Dear Friends,
The first night after I broke my ankle, I went to bed certain that I was about to have a disturbed night of sleep, if I could sleep at all. By nightfall I had come down with the chills and mild flu-like symptoms that had accompanied every broken bone I had experienced in my life. With that heavy plaster splint again up on pillows and the upset of the day, I lay down in bed quaking and praying for at least a small amount of quality sleep.

I fell asleep after a very few minutes and slept quite well. That would have been enough to qualify for a miracle to my mind yet something else happened that night. About two-thirty in the morning – I had just glanced at the clock briefly – I had a very unusual dream. I dreamt that I was showing people my plaster splint and as I was showing it to them, it began shrinking and dissolving. This upset me in my dream. I remember crying out: “Wait! What’s happening? I need that!” Yet the cast kept dissolving until it disappeared. Still in my dream, I decided to see if I could stand on my right leg, so I did and felt no discomfort
whatsoever. So I rejoiced in my dream at being thoroughly healed and spent the rest of the night “walking around on my foot” with the injury completely gone. The sensation was very pleasant and I passed the night relaxed and happy.

Of course I woke up the next day and found that the obnoxious splint was still on my leg which brought me back to earth. But not completely. There was a conviction about that dream. It wasn’t just “wishful thinking.” It felt like it came from outside of me and that it had the force almost of a command.

Now this is the first time I have ever had a dream like that. I know many people get messages from God in their dreams, sometimes regularly, but that is not the usual way that God communicates with me. I’ve always been alert and awake when I’ve received a “message” from God, sometimes deep in prayer and sometimes not. It usually comes in the sense of the deep inward “still small voice” and more rarely in more audible form but I have never had a dream with this kind of message.

So the dream startled me and I wasn’t exactly sure of its meaning beyond that the splint would come off and I would be healed – which I already expected would happen in due time. I was still “pondering this in my heart” as I went to bed the next night and I had a similar less elaborate dream. This time the splint did not dissolve but the whole night long, I dreamt of having nothing at all on my foot and it felt perfectly fine. Again, I walked around all night on my healed foot and again I woke up to find the splint still on my leg, which still could not bear any weight.

So did that dream – those dreams – really come from God? Let me tell you what transpired and you can decide for yourself.

The only real pain I had been feeling since I was injured would occur when I transferred my leg from the elevated position to below my knee and I still could put no weight on it.

The following Monday, exactly one week after the accident, I went to my orthopedist for my follow-up appointment, expecting an x-ray and a new hard cast, as had been predicted in the emergency room. To my relief, my doctor immediately threw out the awful plaster splint contraption. He examined me closely but informed me I would need surgery. The next day, I was at South Shore Hospital having an external fixture being put on my leg holding the ankle in place. It would be like this until surgery this past Tuesday.

I don’t know if God was in my dreams but what I do know is that God’s presence has been in my life the whole time. May we always realize and see God’s presence in our lives, most especially in our struggles.
Love, Father Steve

Traveling this summer?
Visit www.masstimes.org or call 734-794-2100 for Mass times at Catholic Churches throughout the world. Keep this in mind to help you fulfill your Sunday Mass obligation.

Saint Theresa’s Chapel
During the summer months, there will be a second collection to help defer the cost of maintenance of the Chapel. We appreciate and thank you for your generosity.

Summer Office Hours
The Parish and the Religious Education Offices will also be closed on Fridays during the summer months.

Goal: $100,000  |  Total Received: 67,400

Your Grand Annual envelopes may be placed in the collections baskets or mailed directly to the rectory throughout the year. Funds from this collection help to pay
our weekly bills. Each family is asked to contribute $400. However, what one gives is your choice and no one should give beyond their means. If you did not receive an envelope in the mail, you will find envelopes on the ushers’ tables next weekend. Thank you for your generosity and support of our Parish Family.

God bless you. Father Steve

Altar Servers hold a privileged place in our liturgical celebrations. St. Christine’s needs children in fourth grade and older who would like to minister to
our parish as Altar Servers. Training sessions will take place in August 14th and 15th. If you would like to be a part in this very important ministry, please contact Susie McCarthy in the CCD Office at 781-837-0088.

Altar Servers: Your new schedule is now available in the sacristy and on-line. A list phone numbers and e-mail addresses is also available in the sacristy.

Last Weekend's Offertory Collection
Budgeted Goal: $9,800
Received: $6,767
Online Giving: $2,740
St.Theresa's Chapel: $2,137
Grand Total: $11,644

Thank you for faithful support of our parish!

 ~ Thanks to all our Online Giving subscribers. ~
~ Please Consider our Online Giving Program ~


Teachers’ Needed: We are currently seeking teachers for the upcoming 2019/2020 school year. You do not need to be an experienced teacher. Please consider sharing your faith and time with the children of Saint Christine’s Parish. Help us to continue to spread the Good News. Contact the CCD Office at 781-837-0088 if you can help and thank you for considering this important ministry.

Classes meet from 4:15 to 5:15 pm.
Grade 1 1 teacher - Monday, 2 teachers - Tuesday & 2 teachers - Wednesday
Grade 3 2 teachers - Monday & 2 teachers - Wednesday
Grade 4 2 teachers - Wednesday
Grade 5 2 teachers - Monday, 1 teacher - Tuesday & 1 teacher - Wednesday

Middle School classes:
Grade 6 2 teachers - Wednesday 6:30 - 7:30 pm
Grade 7 5 teachers - Tuesday 6:30 - 7:30 pm
Grade 8 2 teachers - Monday 6:30 - 7:30 pm

Registration 2019/2020 Pre K, K and Grade 1
Registration for Pre-School and Grade 1 students for September is now underway. Baptismal certificates for those children not baptized at St. Christine’s must be submitted at the time of registration. Please register early so that you can select the day most convenient for your family.
Pre-School, Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes meet on Sunday mornings at 8:45 am.
Grade 2 classes meet on Thursday from 4:00 - 5:15 pm.
Grade 1-3-4-5 classes meet on Sunday from 10 to 11 am and Monday through Wednesday from 4:15 to 5:15 pm.

Click on the Weekly Bulletin link above to read all CCD Announcements.

Catholic Women Today and Tomorrow announces their first event of their new year. Excitement is growing to see Joan Chittister at Fontbonne Academy in Milton on Saturday September 21st from 10:00 to 11:30 am. Joan's theme will discuss her new book, “THE TIME IS NOW, A Call to Uncommon Courage.” We plan to meet in the parish parking lot at 8:45 am to carpool to Milton and on our return, we will stop for lunch at Mia Regazzi. If you plan to attend, it is required that you register yourself @ sacredthreadscenter.org. Tickets are $25 each. Also after registering, please call Jeanne Dominick at 781-834-8387 to confirm your attendance. We don't want to leave you behind! Thanks.

On the evening of September 14th, the parish will sponsor a dinner cruise around Gloucester Harbor. There will be a great buffet, cash bar, dancing and a night on the high seas with wonderful people. Bus transportation will be provided from the parish at 4:00 pm and returning to the parish at 11:00 pm. Tickets for the bus and cruise are $95.00 per person and are now on sale by calling Audrey Colangelo at 617-686-8978.

RCIA: Rite of Christian Initiation
Do you know someone who would like to become Catholic or wants to receive First Holy Communion or Confirmation to complete the process of Christian initiation. RCIA classes will begin in fall. If you are interested in learning more about the Catholic faith, want more information or have questions, please call Father Stephen Boyle at 781-834-6003 x 12. Please spread the word to anyone who has expressed interest in the Catholic Church.

Sowing Seeds needs clothing i
n good condition for adults and children in all sizes. The Clothing Bank is located on Rt. 139 and School Street and is open on Thursday and Saturday from 10 am to 12 noon to accept and receive clothing. Drivers are urgently needed to transport patients to medical appointments both locally and in Boston. You only need to drive a patient to a medical appointment when it is convenient for you. To take advantage of this volunteer opportunity, please call Sowing Seeds at 781-837-3337. Thank you for your support.

Marshfield Food Pantry needs food and fresh garden produce during the summer months. Also needed are personal care items such as soaps, tooth paste and brushes, deodorants, shaving cream and razors, diapers, baby wipes, as well as detergents and cleaning supplies. You may bring your donations to the Food Pantry at Library Plaza on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Thanks for your support.

VOCATIONS : We pray that God will gives those He calls the courage and faith to respond to a life of service.

REFLECTION: How can you become rich in what matters to God?

BULLETIN SUPPORTERS: We sincerely thank all of our advertisers who have placed ads in our bulletin. Please support the businesses that advertise in our parish bulletin as their ads help to defray the cost of the bulletin.

Other Religious Activities in our Area

Saint Christine’s now has a Facebook page. We will use the Face Book page to post parish news, events, CCD cancellations, photos and more but we need your help. Visit www.facebook.com/stchristinesmarshfield and “LIKE” our page to help spread the word. We’re new to Facebook so please bear with us as we get up to speed with social media. You can also link to our Facebook page whereever you see the Facebook logo on our site.

Read the Complete Bulletin for all Parish News


Please exercise extreme caution in our church parking lot while dropping off and picking up children from classes. Please drive slowly in the parking lot and refrain from using cell phones. Children move quickly and your full attention is needed.

REMINDER: The Marshfield Fire Department has requested that our parishioners refrain from parking in front of the church as it prevents their access in times of emergency.

Please do not deposit any old papers in the recycling bin in the church parking lot. The company that emptied the bin has gone out of business. We will no longer recycle paper.

Please check your schedules to see if/when you are assigned. If you unable to serve your assigned Mass, it is important that you call a substitute to serve for you.

If classes are cancelled due to weather, notification will be available on Channels 5, and 7. Please tune into these stations or log onto their websites. Additionally, cancellations will be announced on WATD radio (95.9). Please note that if Marshfield Schools are closed, Saint Christine’s CCD classes are also cancelled.

All children in Grades 1 through 3 must have a parent or another adult accompany them to and from class each week. Parents must sign children out before they are released from their class.

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