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Masses will be televised on:
  VERIZON: Channel 296
COMCAST: Channel 268
         EWTV: Channel 285

Palm Sunday: 11 am, 7 am and 11:30 pm
Holy Thursday: 7:30 pm
Good Friday: 3:00 pm (Live) and 9:30 pm
Holy Saturday Vigil: 7:30 pm (Live)
Easter Sunday: 11 am, 7 pm and 11:30 pm

(Updated 4/4/2020)

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St. Christine's
Weekdays: 9:00 AM
Saturday: 5:00 PM
*Sunday: 7:00 & 11:30 AM

Saturday 4 to 4:45 PM (church)

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What if everyone on Sunday morning, April 5, puts a branch on the door of their house or on a window to celebrate Palm Sunday. It could be any green branch. This would help, despite the social distancing, to be connected as we enter into the holiest of weeks. Want to join? We may be physically isolated but not separated. We are united in the Body of Christ.



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You can support Saint Christine’s Parish on a regular basis by signing up for Online Giving. By giving your weekly contribution on a recurring electronic basis, you help our parish more accurately forecast our finances. This method is a safe, secure and dependable means of giving for you and our parish and it is more convenient for you. Learn more about setting up an Online Giving account.

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Although we will not celebrate Easter in our church this year, we would like to continue our parish tradition of remembering our deceased families and friends. When Saint Christine’s Church reopens, we would like to decorate the church with beautiful Spring flowers.
So if you would like to contribute to our Easter Flower Collection, please send your donation in your Easter Flower envelope or any envelope with the names of your deceased family members and friends written on the back of the envelope.

Please mail your envelope to St. Christine’s Parish, 1295 Main Street, Marshfield MA 02050. If you use On Line Giving, please click on Easter Flowers and follow the link to donate to our Easter Flower Collection. A Mass will be celebrated at a later date.

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A Few Words From Fr. Steve

Dear Friends,
Would it be correct to say that I’m articulating your thoughts and feelings when I say that I miss connecting, communing and congregating with you? How different the past weeks have been for us! How I long for those friendly handshakes, those affectionate hugs and embraces from you! I do miss looking into your eyes and taking in your bright smiles.

How long will this present uneasy situation last? No one knows for certain. Though we do not know how long this tunnel is, we will see the light at the end of it. In the meantime, we will use our wisdom and mindfulness to take the necessary precautions to remain free from being infected or spreading the virus to others. The way to express our love and appreciation for one another for the time being seems to be from a safe distance, from what we’ve come to call “Social Distance”.Since the beginning of this crisis, I have urged all to listen to elected officials and as an alert this morning said, "Every resident should do their part to slow the virus. Stay at home, wash hands and surfaces, and keep your distance from others." This is the greatest Christian response at this time.

Thank you for your continued generosity during this time. The costs of the running the parish are predominately fixed costs that continue despite our inability to gather for Mass. Weekly offertory envelopes can be mailed to the parish or dropped in the basket outside of the back door of the rectory. If you would like to make a one time or recurring gift online you can do so. Thank you to those that have generously given and continue to give during this time. The Archdiocese has introduced a new exciting idea, A“90- Days Now - For Your Parish” Initiative has launched its first of a Kind Initiative in the Archdiocese of Boston. Details elsewhere in this bulletin, on facebook and on the website. It sounds wonderful and easy and at a most needed time. This is different from your regular weekly offertory contributions. It is available by following this link : https://bcatholic.sites.bostoncatholic.org/90DaysYourParish

Can I share with you that it has been a little unnerving to celebrate Mass in an empty Church? More unnerving, to talk to vacant pews! Yet, if that’s the way for the time being, we will overcome this feeling of separation and disconnectedness we feel now because of the Corona virus. We’re Church, the Body of Christ. The Church is meant to be a gathering place; we have the need to connect and commune. I heard a friend of mine say recently that often, chaos gives rise to creativity. This is true. Our inability to continue to have in person services has given rise to other ways of praying and worshiping. I encourageyou to watch Mass on Boston Catholic TV. Receive the spiritual Communion that is offered there and find solace in knowing you are still in communion with the Church here in Boston.

We may not have church services, but I’m grateful to our members of the staff and pastoral leadership who are determined to provide you the support and spiritual sustenance you need at this time. Thanks also to the many who pray for the well being of our parishioners and neighbors, our nation and the rest of the world. Our appreciation to all those who telephoned, emailed or sent in letters inquiring about my well-being, and shared their care and concern for the health of the staff and our very many parishioners. May God bless you.

As you know, we have been informed by the Archdiocese that the distribution of Palms, Holy Week, the Triduum, and Easter will not be celebrated publically. This may be for many in this community the most difficult hit so far. I do ask that you think that throughout the Archdiocese and throughout the world, Catechumens and Candidates were scheduled to either be Baptized, Confirmed, or brought into Full Communion with the Church. I ask you to keep these men and women in your prayers in a special way. I realize that this will be like a Palm Sunday we have never experienced, but I quote directly on behalf of Cardinal Seán, Bishop Uglietto's guidance with regards to distribution of Palms and processions.

My Brothers in Christ,
As the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Massachusetts rapidly increases the Archdiocese will continue to do all that is possible to limit transmission of the virus and new infections. For that purpose, in the interests of public health and safety, there may not be any form of distribution of palms on Palm Sunday or at any other time.
Also, effective today and until further notice, there may not be any processions in churches or outdoors, including the Stations of the Cross, other venerations or gatherings for communal prayer.
Thank you for your assistance and your many prayers during these challenging times.
Fraternally, Bishop Uglietto, Vicar General

My friends, these are difficult times. I remain available to you. Just call, just to hear another human voice, just call, even if you don't know why, just call, if you are in need of anything, food, counsel, whatever, just call. I am trying to stay strong and healthy for you. Mary Doolin and I are especially in contact with those who are homebound. And as I said, so many have come forward to offer to help. So remember, if God is for us, who can be against us? When Christ is in the boat of our life, we can weather any storm.

Love you so much,
Father Steve


Dear Friends,
It is at times like these our faith reminds us that we are never truly alone, even as we face unprecedented challenges as a parish community. Though we are not able to join together in the celebration of the Eucharist, we continue daily to pray for the health of you and your loved ones.
I am reaching out to you about an effort created by a member of the laity with concern for our parishes during this time of crisis. It is a special, 90-day campaign that will provide offertory support directly to the parish.

This special initiative asks, if possible, for parishioners to rally around their parish by making a special daily offertory commitment for the next 90 days. This effort is intended to supplement weekly offertory gifts, given the challenges of the current crisis. Should you choose to join in this effort, the Archdiocese has created an easy-to-use link to donate.
Follow this link for more information: https://bcatholic.sites.bostoncatholic.org/form/giving-form?fid=4916

We are incredibly moved by this effort and forward this information for your consideration. We understand many of you may not be able to contribute to this special offertory collection given the economic impact this pandemic has had on your personal finances. We remain extremely grateful for your prayers of support for our parish family.

With our prayers, Father Steve

Last Weekend's Offertory Collection
Budgeted Goal: $9,800
Received: $2,038
On-Line Giving: $2,450
Total: $4,488
Your weekly contribution is still needed during this difficult time. Please help if you can.
          >> Your generosity is GREATLY appreciated!!<<
 ~ Thanks to all our Online Giving subscribers. ~
~ Please Consider our Online Giving Program ~


Hello Friends,
We miss you all so very much and are holding you all close in prayer. Our Church has entered into the most sacred days of the Church year, Holy Week. Holy Week recounts the final days of Jesus' life including his death, burial, and resurrection. Together, let us prepare our hearts to join in Jesus’ Passion and share in the celebration of His glorified Resurrection. Help mark these holy days with your family. God bless.

Watch Mass and Holy Week Services: Catholic TV
Channel 296, Concast 268, or EWTN Channel 285.

Walk Through Holy Week Loyola Press

Holy Week Prayer Services

Holy Week Activities

Holy Week Timeline: From Palm Sunday to the Resurrection

Animated Rosary for Kids: Youtube

The Way of the Cross for Kids: YouTube

The Last Supper: The New Covenant, Communion for Kids: Youtube

First Holy Communion
The First Holy Communions scheduled for May 2 and May 9th have been postponed due to CONVID-19 virus. As of right now we are hopeful that First Communions will be celebrated on dates in June. Please be aware that our first priority is that all of our families and students are safe. We will let all of our families and Faith Formation teachers know as soon as possible of our rescheduled dates and student rehearsals. If you have any questions, please reach out to your child’s teacher and they will contact you directly.

God bless.
Susie and Lauretta

Click on the Weekly Bulletin link above to read all CCD Announcements.

The Archdiocese has just informed us that our parish Confirmation scheduled for May 17 has been postponed. At this time, we do not know when Confirmation will take place. We will let all of our families and students know our rescheduled date as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Mrs. Scanlan or Mrs. Bursaw.

Good and loving God, each year your give us the season of Lent to turn our hearts and minds back to you. May the prayers we offer during this season draw us closer to you in love as we seek forgiveness of our sins. May our alms giving honor you as we care for our brothers and sisters whose need is great and whose hope is in you. Help us to make our lives pure and holy. Purify our souls in this Lenten season and make our hearts acceptable to you. Help us this holy season to be reconciled with you and with any whom we have harmed so that we may celebrate the eternal joy of Easter. Amen.

Many of our parishioners have made arrangements for Sunday and Weekday Masses to be celebrated in memory of their families and friends. At a later date, someone from the rectory will call you to give you the opportunity to reschedule your arranged Mass. We will try our best to accommodate everyone. Thank you for your understanding.

The Food Pantry will be open during their regular hours. Needed are donations of food, pasta, rice, cereal, paper towels, tissues, toilet paper, toiletry items, and diapers for adults and babies for our neighbors in need during this difficult time. Please bring your donations to the Food Pantry located at Library Plaza on Tuesday and Friday morning for 10:00 am to 12 noon and Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. A drop off box is located in front of the building. Monetary donations maybe mailed directly to the Food Pantry at P. O. Box 1097, Marshfield MA 02050. Thank you for your help.

VOCATIONS : We pray that parents will realize their responsibility to be an example of faith for their children.

REFLECTION: What do you ask the Father to write on your heart?

BULLETIN SUPPORTERS: We sincerely thank all of our advertisers who have placed ads in our bulletin. Please support the businesses that advertise in our parish bulletin as their ads help to defray the cost of the bulletin.

Other Catholic Activities at Local Parishes

Rosary for Recovery
Rosary for Recovery invites you to pray the Rosary for the healing of those who suffer from addiction. Join us on Saturday, March 14th at 10:00 am at Saint Ann’s Chapel in Marshfield to pray the Rosary, listen to a speaker and have some light refreshment. All are most welcome

Prayer Ministry:
Holy Family Church in Duxbury offers a prayer line for those who are in need of prayers. Please call their prayer line at 781-934-5055 x 133 and leave your name (first name only) and your specific prayer request. Your intention will be passed along to members of their prayer ministry. If you wish someone to call you back to acknowledge your request, please leave your telephone number as well.

Saint Christine’s now has a Facebook page. We will use the Face Book page to post parish news, events, CCD cancellations, photos and more but we need your help. Visit www.facebook.com/stchristinesmarshfield and “LIKE” our page to help spread the word. We’re new to Facebook so please bear with us as we get up to speed with social media. You can also link to our Facebook page whereever you see the Facebook logo on our site.

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If classes are cancelled due to weather, notification will be available on Channels 5, and 7. Please tune into these stations or log onto their websites. Additionally, cancellations will be announced on WATD radio (95.9). Please note that if Marshfield Schools are closed, Saint Christine’s CCD classes are also cancelled.

Please exercise extreme caution in our church parking lot while dropping off and picking up children from classes. Please drive slowly in the parking lot and refrain from using cell phones. Children move quickly and your full attention is needed.

REMINDER: The Marshfield Fire Department has requested that our parishioners refrain from parking in front of the church as it prevents their access in times of emergency.

Please do not deposit any old papers in the recycling bin in the church parking lot. The company that emptied the bin has gone out of business. We will no longer recycle paper.

Please check your schedules to see if/when you are assigned. If you unable to serve your assigned Mass, it is important that you call a substitute to serve for you.

All children in Grades 1 through 3 must have a parent or another adult accompany them to and from class each week. Parents must sign children out before they are released from their class.

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