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(Updated 1/11/2020)

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Novena of Masses

A Novena of Masses in memory of our deceased families and friends will begin on Monday, January 6th and continue through Thursday, January 16th. Thank you to all who contributed so generously to our flowers.


CYO Boys Basketball Games

Sat. Jan. 11: 5:20 pm Walsh Center So. Boston
Sat. Jan. 18: 8:00 pm St. Agatha’s Milton
Sat. Jan. 19: 12:15 pm Martinson



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CCD Cancellations

Now that the winter season is upon us, there may be occasions that CCD classes will be cancelled due to inclement weather. If classes are cancelled, notification will be available on Channels 5 and 7. Please tune into these
stations or log onto their websites. Additionally, cancellations will be announced on WATD radio (95.9). Please note that if Marshfield Schools are closed, Saint Christine’s CCD classes are also cancelled.

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A Few Words From Fr. Steve

Dear Friends,

THE CHRISTMAS SEASON overflows with memories and traditions. We save some of our best songs, stories, films, and recipes for this season of the year. We send out cards and notes, and we do all kinds of odd things that we would never do at any other time - like hang empty socks by the fireplace and bring a tree into the house and put wrapped gifts under it. We get wistful at the sound of a carol and the ringing of a bell can make us teary-eyed. We get, in short, very sentimental.

The sentimental side of Christmas has its value. It can remind us to appreciate each other and to share with those who have less than we do. But we also have to be a little wary of it because the liturgy, our greatest catechist, teaches us that there is nothing “sentimental” about Christmas. Indeed, if we look only at the texts of the liturgy, we discover that Christmas is the “feast of our salvation” (Collect, Vigil Mass), the “beginning of our redemption” (Prayer over the Offerings, Vigil Mass). Christmas is about the restoration of order to the universe, as God and humanity are united once more through Jesus Christ: “by our communion with God made man, may we become more like him who joins our lives to yours” (Prayer over the Offerings, Mass at Midnight). Christmas is a feast of light, a light that shines not only on us but in us: “We are filled with the new light by the coming of your Word among us,” (Collect, Mass at Dawn).

There is no nostalgia in these Christmas liturgies. Instead, they are solemn, joyful, yet urgent. They make it clear that Christmas, while it recalls the historical fact of Christ’s birth long ago in Bethlehem, is less about then than it is about now - today! The liturgy emphasizes our participation in the mystery of the Incarnation. The “today” of Mary, Joseph and the shepherds becomes our “today.

” THE OCTAVE AND SEASON OF CHRISTMAS: Like Easter, Christmas is too big for just one day: it overflows into a special season of its own. The octave (eight) days of Christmas are celebrated with special solemnity. Within the octave we continue to celebrate the reality of Christ’s Incarnation, from a different perspective, with the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. The octave concludes with the solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, on January 1st, the first great solemnity of Mary in the Church. The Christmas season continues with the solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord. This great solemnity honors the “manifestation” of Christ. Epiphany is traditionally celebrated on the twelfth day after Christmas (January 6th) but in places where Epiphany is not a national holiday, it is transferred to Sunday. This year it falls on January 5th. The Christmas season concludes with the celebration of the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord (January 12th) With His baptism, the so-called hidden years of Jesus’ life come to an end and his public ministry commences and we enter Ordinary Time.

With love, Fr Steve

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Thanks to our very generous parishioners and all our CCD students from Pre-school through Confirmation, Saint Christine’s and Our Lady of Assumptions Parishes donated over 3,000 gifts and $ in food cards to those in need this Christmas. These gift cards will help to carry families in crisis now and throughout the year. Gifts from the Giving Tree were distributed to 83 families, the sick and homebound and veterans. Special thanks to the Giving Tree committees and all our volunteers for their hard work and giving spirit.
We extend a special thank you to Our Lady of Assumption Parish for their very generous contributions to the Giving Tree which is a collaborative effort of both Parishes. We sincerely thank all those who contributed so generously to help those in need this Christmas.

Goal: $100,000  |  Total Received: 81,200

Your Grand Annual envelopes may be placed in the collections baskets or mailed directly to the rectory throughout the year. Funds from this collection help to pay
our weekly bills. Each family is asked to contribute $400. However, what one gives is your choice and no one should give beyond their means. If you did not receive an envelope in the mail, you will find envelopes on the ushers’ tables next weekend. Thank you for your generosity and support of our Parish Family.

God bless you. Father Steve

Last Weekend's Offertory Collection
December 22nd: $9,542
Christmas Collection: $15,083
December 29: $9,424
          >> Your generosity is greatly appreciated. <<
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There will no Religious Education classes on Sunday and Monday, January 19th and 20th due to the holiday weekend. Classes will resume on Tuesday, January 21st

Grade 2 Parent Meeting:
Wednesday, January 15th at 7:30 pm, parish hall,

Grade 2 – First Penance
Saturday, January 25th at 10:00 am

>> All Religious Education Tuition Fees are now due. Please remit your payment to the CCD Office as soon as possible.<<

Grade 10 Confirmation Retreat January 5th
All Grade 10 students will meet on Sunday, January 5th from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm in the parish hall.
All 10th Grade teachers should attend this meeting.

Grade 10 Retreat.
Grade 9 Confirmation Retreats January 12th All Grade 9 students must attend this retreat on Sunday, January 12th from 4:30 to 7:00 pm in the parish hall.

Click on the Weekly Bulletin link above to read all CCD Announcements.

Men’s Group
All men of the parish are invited to come for the celebration of Mass at 8:00 am followed by a discussion in the parish hall on Saturday, January 18 th. This month will also make lunch bags for Father Bill’s Palace. Our theme this year is Piety/Study/Action. Please join us. Contact Norm Shacochis at 781-834-4097 for information.

Catholic Women Today and Tomorrow
Catholic Women Today and Tomorrow will meet on Thursday, January 16th at 7:00 pm in the parish hall. Join us for a prayer Service for Respect for Life followed by
making blankets for homeless Moms and Babies. Please bring scissors to cut the fleece and hot cocoa will be served to warm you. Hope to see you for a fun evening and to meet new friends. Call Jeanne Dominick at 781-834-8387 with any questions.

Cori Forms - Are You Going Away For The Winter?
All Ministers who volunteer at Saint Christine’s need to fill out an annual Cori Form. If you will be away for several weeks or months this winter, please fill out a Cori Form before you leave. Please stop by the rectory for just a few minutes to fill out your form.

VOCATIONS : We pray that families will make their homes places where children can hear God call them by name.

REFLECTION: How am I witnessing to the world that I am God’s beloved child?

BULLETIN SUPPORTERS: We sincerely thank all of our advertisers who have placed ads in our bulletin. Please support the businesses that advertise in our parish bulletin as their ads help to defray the cost of the bulletin.


St. Ann's Chapel: Rosary for Recovery
Rosary for Recovery invites you to pray the Rosary for the healing of those who suffer from addiction. Join us on Saturday, January 18th at 8:00 am at Saint Ann’s Chapel in Marshfield to pray the rosary, listen to a speaker and enjoy light refreshments. All are most welcome.

Our Lady of the Assumption: Holy Hour for Life
Our Lady of Assumption Church in Marshfield will hold a Holy Hour for Life on Sunday, January 19th at 12 noon. All are welcome to join us as we gather together to pray for an increase of respect for all human life. Please call Deacon John Hulme at 781-834-6252 for more information.

Saint Christine’s now has a Facebook page. We will use the Face Book page to post parish news, events, CCD cancellations, photos and more but we need your help. Visit www.facebook.com/stchristinesmarshfield and “LIKE” our page to help spread the word. We’re new to Facebook so please bear with us as we get up to speed with social media. You can also link to our Facebook page whereever you see the Facebook logo on our site.

Read the Complete Bulletin for all Parish News


If classes are cancelled due to weather, notification will be available on Channels 5, and 7. Please tune into these stations or log onto their websites. Additionally, cancellations will be announced on WATD radio (95.9). Please note that if Marshfield Schools are closed, Saint Christine’s CCD classes are also cancelled.

Please exercise extreme caution in our church parking lot while dropping off and picking up children from classes. Please drive slowly in the parking lot and refrain from using cell phones. Children move quickly and your full attention is needed.

REMINDER: The Marshfield Fire Department has requested that our parishioners refrain from parking in front of the church as it prevents their access in times of emergency.

Please do not deposit any old papers in the recycling bin in the church parking lot. The company that emptied the bin has gone out of business. We will no longer recycle paper.

Please check your schedules to see if/when you are assigned. If you unable to serve your assigned Mass, it is important that you call a substitute to serve for you.

All children in Grades 1 through 3 must have a parent or another adult accompany them to and from class each week. Parents must sign children out before they are released from their class.

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